CURRENT RATING (PVC) The current ratings in table 1 & 2 based on the normal conditions of installation as described below : Maximum condr. temperature 70°CAmbient air temperature 40°CGround temperature 30°CDepth of laying 75 cm (for cable laid directly in ground (1.1. KV)Thermal resistivity of soil 150°C cm/wattThermal resistivity of cable 650°C cm/wattMax. short-circuit conductor temperature 160°CMax. Ambient Air Temperature 55°C Installation method and rating factors are given in tables 1 to 6 in et quam. Nullam placerat augue finibus vulputate gravida. Praesent et metus sit amet erat rutrum rhoncus....

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Aerial Bunched Cable (ABC) is a very novel concept for overhead Power distribution. ABC provides higher safety and reliability compared to bare conductor overhead distribution system. The other advanctages are lower power losses and system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operation cost. This system is ideal for rural distribution and specially suitable in difficult terrains like hilly areas, forest and coastal areas etc.ABC is also considered as a better choice for power distribution in densely populated areas where laying of underground cable is either difficult or extremely expensive. This...

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Laser flexible cables are available in single core and multi-core variety. These flexible cables are made from E.C. grade copper having high purity (99.97%), fine wires are drawn and bunched together to make flexible conductor, PVC (Type-A) insulated, multi-core cables are sheathed with PVC (Type-ST1). These cables finds its application in industrial wiring, wiring of panels & other electrical equipments. These cables are designed to withstand 3 KV for 5 minutes or Spark Voltage test as per IS. Governing specification IS 694-1990. Packing – 100 mtr / 200 mtr /...

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Instrumentation cables are designed for Transmission of Analog & Digital signals in instruments and Control Systems. Laser make instrumentation cables are designed to maintain high level of accuracy and sensitivity of the system without drop in signal. It is designed to obtain Maximum rejection of Electromagnetic noise, minimal cross-talk and minimal Electromagnetically or Electromanetically induced noise & common mode interference. Individual pairs or Triads are Colour coded for simplified identification & hook-up. rugged armoured versions are recommended for use in Intrinsically Safe Systems. The Aluminium Myler Tape screening ensures exact...

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Laser Cable produces LT Power Cable with PVC or XLPE Insulation of Voltage grade upto 3.3 Kv conforming to Indian and various International Standards. Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) : XLPE means crosslinked Polyethylene. The compound is based on high molecular weight polymer. High degree of crosslinking is attained in the processed form and thus attains excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Advantages of XLPE Cables : Higher current rating allows to select lower size of XLPE cable compared to PVC cableHigher short circuit rating 250°C compared to 160°C that for PVC...

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LT PVC & XLPE Control Cable

Construction: Solid / stranded annealed copper conductor & tinned / bareGeneral purpose / HR PVC insulationCores laid up (filled if needed)FRLS / General Purpose PVC inner sheathArmouring round galvanized steel wires / stripsFRLS / General purpose PVC outer sheath Max. Conductor D.C. resistance at 20°C-conductor size 1.5 - 12.1 ohm/km (bare) , 12.2 Ohm/Km (Tinned)2.5 sq. mm - 7.41 Ohm/km (Bare), 7.56 ohm/km(Tinned)* Dimensions specified are with stranded conductor UNARMOURED PVC CONTROL CABLE IS : 1554(P-I) 1988 Construction: Solid /stranded annealed copper conductor & tinned / bareGeneral purpose /...

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CURRENT RATING (XLPE) Basic assumption and conditions of installation : Max. conductor temperature at continuous operation 90°CAmbient Air temperature 40°CGround temperature 30°CThermal resistively of soil 150°C Cm/WDepth of laying 750mmMax. conductor temperature for short circuit 250°C

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